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Press On Veneers

From Bad To Beautiful

a non-invasive affordable smile makeover

by brighter image design lab

I promote
a lot of beauty
products as an affiliate
and I don't think I have ever
sold a product that helps people
as much as yours does. It makes me
feel good that I can provide for my family
and help people with their smiles in the process.
Human interest in online marketing? That's unheard of.
Your dedication shows.

Thank you
Teeth Whitening affiliates and sales reps earn more per sale!

Earn Up To 25% Commission On Every Sale!

PressOn Veneers™ really do change lives for the better. For that reason, we want to tell the whole world about our amazing removable dental veneers. As a company, our communication reach has limits, but our list of satisfied clients is large and growing daily. Imagine the impact we could have if our clients helped spread the word about PressOn Veneers™. When we hear our clients say, "I wish I had known about this sooner." we know we have to do a better job telling people about this amazing cosmetic smile solution. That's where you come in.

It's Time to Spread the Word

If you love your PressOn Veneers™, chances are you know someone else who'd love a set of their own. What if you could make it even easier for them to get the smile they've always wanted, and you got rewarded for doing it?!

That's exactly what Brighter Image Lab aims to do with our new referral program. Talk about us on your favorite social media site, tell a friend with an email or text message. Or even give a discount to someone you meet in person. Not only do you get a reward, but they do too!

People Trust People

A few honest words about your positive experience with our company and/or products is better than any advertising we could ever pay for. In fact, 92% of people trust recommendations from people they know over any advertisement.

The information you have is of great value to those you know. A beautiful new smile could be a life-changing event for someone you already know, and learning about your experiences will give them assurance as they get ready to make an important decision.

Keep it Simple

Brighter Image Lab is building one of the most generous referral programs around, and it's incredibly simple! We give each of our clients a customized "link" that you can share however, and with whomever you choose. When someone follows that link to our site, and places an order, you get credit and the person who buys gets a bonus reward.

When we receive a sale that tracks to your unique link, you'll get $150, and the person you referred will get a free warranty added to their order. (a $60 value) That's all there is to it!

Join Our Referral Team Today - Start Earning $$$ Immediately!

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Do you know someone who would benefit from an affordable smile makeover? Enter their email to send them the short personalized message above, telling them about PressOn Veneers and providing your referral link. For every sale that tracks to your unique link, you'll receive $150 and the person you referred will get a free warranty added to their order (a $60 value).
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